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"One of our favorite 'off the wall' gadgets ... you actually get to wear your bag!" 
-The Today Show
"This jacket has so many pockets, we can't help but free up our hands for a round of applause"
"Adventure Travel Pants: There are six exterior pockets.. and they're all secure. You'll feel so emboldened, you'll want to wander through a crowd of grabby street urchins."
-Chicago Tribune TRAVEL
"Women's Travel Pants: Out of the box, I enjoyed playing with all the cool anti-pick-pocket features. Like the men's pant, the women's version is made of soft nylon that repels stains and is water resistant."
-Practical Travel Gear
"Genuine, sincere and friendly service. The gents showed me how to use the phone before leaving, which was extremely helpful. Good stuff, will definitely be back again.
-Gibran H. (Yelp.com)
"Rented a satellite phone for 10 days. Their rates are very fair and the staff was really helpful. The whole process was quite hassle-free. I didn't have to worry about any hidden charges either. Overall would recommend.
-Michael Y. (Yelp.com)