"ShopSafariline’s mission is to provide our international and safari travelers with fun, fashionable, versatile and travel friendly gear to use on their journeys….
One adventure at a time."

We keep in mind the limited space and weight restrictions of small aircraft, overland vehicles and constantly changing international airline regulations, as well as the rare but possible risk for misplaced luggage.


Our inventory includes small packable reasonably priced items, many with an African or Safari theme, as well as some “must have” products we have found useful in our travels....

About Us.


""Over the past twenty five years and over forty journeys to Africa..."


You’ll learn how to pack in a small soft sided bag with a maximum weight capacity of 15 kilograms. We answered the "what to pack" questions from our Safariline travelers and started to do presentations on "exactly how to pack" for our groups. Through the years, two questions prevailed: what to take and where to purchase items, thus…  ShopSafariline was born.   Our website is stocked with fun & fashionable products to use on your journey or keep your memories alive on your return.  We are constantly looking for new “travel friendly” products for our travelers, so if you have suggestions – send them along.


Throughout, there were questions on what to take and where to purchase items. In idea sparked for ShopSafariline.com in October 2011 and has now finally become established with the New Year in 2015. Stocked up with plenty of fun & fashionable products to use on your journy or keep you memories alive on your return.

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