Pick-Pocket Proof™ Adventure Travel Pants

Pick-Pocket Proof™ Adventure Travel Pants

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    • Patent pending retractable front security guards allow you to choose how secure your pockets are. Guards blend into the background (secured by a button) when you feel comfortable in your environment. If you need extra protection, move them to the front security position and your pocket is now double secure!

    • Our cube logo is only visible when front guards are engaged and will act like a deterrent. Pick-pockets will pass you by as they look for an easier target.

    • Unique front pocket design features a zipper closure for added security & functions like a standard pocket. This prevents objects from inadvertently falling out of your pockets while traveling.

    • Dual side, internal smartphone / credit & ATM card pockets: Take your front pocket back from behind held hostage by your smartphone (fits larger size phones). Your phone is held high up on your hip allowing greater freedom of moment. We were the very first to build smartphone pockets into pants back in 2010!

    • Clothing Arts universal front pocket designs are the same on both sides, ensuring both righties and lefties get the full function out of their garment.

    Rear / Side Cargo Pockets: appear to be standard cargo pockets but are multi-secure & cut resistant pockets!

    • Made from two layers of fabric and stitched with our incredibly strong thread. A knife will not be able to cut through both layers without you know about it!

    • Left rear cargo pocket features our unique 3x secure zippered pocket-in-pocket design. The pocket is sized to fit a standard US passport. This pocket actually stopped a robbery in Rio - read the testimonial here.

    • Rear cargo pockets feature hidden zippers beneath the button flaps for twice the security. Innovative expandable gussets grow in volume to fit larger objects like guidebooks or water bottles. This feature allows easy access to the 3x secure passport pocket mentioned above.

    • Side cargo pockets features hidden