Travel Tips: Five Packing Tips You Need!

Packing is the bane of many travelers, whether its making more space, better organizing what you have or separating items more effectively, the internet is full of packing hacks to better solve your packing woes. To save your precious time we have trawled the net and found you four of the most unusual, innovative, and downright genius solutions that we have come across.

1. Use hair ties to compress clothes

For items with which creasing is not a concern, using hair ties around rolled up clothes will drastically reduce the space they use, keep them compact and providing a great way to transport your hair ties! For those among us always seeking to take things a step further, bundle the item into a ball and use two ties to make it even smaller. Whilst time consuming you’d be amazed how much extra you can fit in your bag!

2. Cotton & Plastic Laundry Bags

The smell of dirty laundry and damp clothes can easily latch onto clean clothes and linger in a bag. Whilst carrier bags are a common option these can rip and don’t allow dirty clothes to breath making the smell worse. A cotton drawstring laundry bag can be bought on our website, its reusable, breathable – meaning damp clothes won’t smell so musty so quickly and will keep your dirty clothes separate from clean ones. When doing laundry just wash it with the rest of your clothes to keep it fresh!

For wet or damp swimsuits, shoes (from visiting Victoria Falls), use one of Safariline’s plastic bags. These fit easily in your bags and can keep wet things separate from your other clothes.

3. Stuff your Shoes

Most of us carry smart shoes, trainers or hiking boots when traveling, utilize this extra space by stuffing them with socks, underwear, valuables and other small items to make extra space in your backpack or suitcase. Use the Safariline shoe bags to keep them separate from your clean clothes. Safariline Shoe Bags are made by our Tanzania partners – authentic Africa!!

4. Use old sunglasses cases to store cables and headphones

For most travelers technology has become a vital part of moving around the world, however cables are some of the most frustrating things to carry. They wait until you are looking away and then tie themselves in knots just to spite you. Using an old glasses or sunglasses case to store them makes them easier to find, stops them tangling up with other items and means that when you fold them up nicely, they’re more likely to stay that way.

5. Plastic Dry Clear Bag

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